Illuminated Landscapes and Architecture.

Sit still for a few moments. Perhaps for about a minute or two………. 

That’s how I make this images. Focus and then I open the shutter for as long as its needed. Inspired by music or the people I meet up with. I just love to do this kind of work. 

When the darkness comes the quietness follows with it and the lights from windows, streetlights, or from the sun behind the horizon that gives the special glow. It gives me an inner peace even when I do it in the middle of the town while there is heavy traffic passing by.

The best way to do this kind of photography is to get a steady tripod and use a wireless trigger or the inbuilt timer on your camera. Set the ISO as low as possible. I prefer 100 or even lower. The magic comes when you set the apperture between  11 - 16. And let your camera do the work for you.

Enjoy the seconds or the minutes it takes to capture the frame.

Clicking the images will show you the full size.