Stofferpix By Kristoffer Ihlen



On borrowed time is a series of images captured at the island Lesvos. 

From the Olive Press-Museum in Papados.


And much further behind the waves on the island with bays of olive groves 

It seemed for a moment that I saw him who gave his blood for me to incarnate

Once more ascending the Saints rough road

Once more

Once more

Placing his fingers on the water of Yera

And so the five villages ignite

Papados Plakados Palaiopikos 

Skopelos and Mesagros

Authority and inheritance of my kin.


Odysseas Elytis- 1959 

From the Olive Press-Museum in Papados.

I’m not so much here in this area of the island but I found the intro interesting and this area is a beautiful spot. You can find the images from the project here. 

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