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The Roman Aqua-duct in Moria.

In Greece you can find examples of Roman architecture and constructions. And in the village Moria some kilometers northwest of Mytilini there are remains of such a construction. 

At the end of the 2nd century until the beginning of the 3rd. When the Romans fortified the island, they wanted to have fresh water from the surrounding mountains and down to the capital of Mytilini. They therefore put in this constructions. a 22 kilometer long aqueduct that lead the water from Megali Limni at the foot of the Olympus Mountain, down to the capital. Water was added from other cities such as: Larsos, and Lambou Mylou. This was enough to supply the capital with 127,000 cubic meters of water per day. Called the Kamares, the aqueduct was built of grey marble from Lesvos and in the last few years much of it has been restored and there is still work going on as you can see from the scaffolding and the marble blocks. 

Moria is a smaller village however the bakery, butcher, supermarket, minimarket, and the taverns are busy. Park your car a bit outside of the village and have a walk. If you ar hungry the taverns serves delicious meze’s and you can sit down and enjoy the locals passing by. The best place to park your car is near the church Agios Vasileios (ST.Basil) from the 17th century with an artistically crafted carved wooden iconostasis and a number of icons which is done by a priest from the church.

Have a nice walk and enjoy this Picturesque little village.