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The Mekka for Ouzo Lovers.

To visit this wonderful island without having tasted Ouzo, is like traveling to Barcelona and not have seeing the Rambla. For Lesvos, Ouzo is not just a drink, but a culture, and half of the Greek market's total ouzo volume is produced at Lesvos, so they have something to be proud of. The local ouzo’s is of excellent quality. A difference from one to another is due to the alcohol volume that varies between 38 - 48% and helps determine how sweet or sharp distilled it is.

To find out what brand is something for you, you have to taste more of them, and remember to eat some Meze while you try them out, the food will help bring out the best flavors from the ouzo. Another tip to get the best taste is to not mix it with ice. Use cold water, just enough to get the light blue, or almost white color. When using ice, the ouzo becomes too cold to give the best taste.

Seafood is great with Ouzo.

Ouzo can also be used as "medicine", and in the old days when the children got their teeth just a drop or two on their fingers and rubbed ouzo on the gum to calm the pain. A farmer from Megalochori once told me that ouzo without sugar was the best remedy for mosquitoes. A little splash of Ouzo into your hands and rub it on your legs, arms, and head. Since the day I learned this, I have always used Ouzo as a mosquito-remedy.

Even Pater loves Ouzo.