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Skala Skamnia

Skala Skamnia Is located north of Molllivos, and is a small fishing village in the northern part of Lesvos. The village is the birthplace of the author Stratis Myrivilis (1890-1969), who wrote the novel Panagia Gorgona, inspired by the little church of Madonna, built on a small rock near to the sea. Skala Skamnia is one of the most beautiful places on the island with many rooms for rent, and good seafront taverns serving fresh fish and seafood. The village also offers several beautiful little beaches if you were tempted for a bath in the Aegean Sea. The village is preserved in a traditional style, with wonderful cobblestone roads and stunning views of the Aegean and Turkish coast. This little gem is one of the places to experience. Enjoy the magnificent sunset views and be served the best ingredients the ocean can offer. And with a little Ouzo next to it you can not go wrong.

Fresh food from the Aegean sea.

So as Stratis Myrvilis once said: “If there are so few Croesuses left in our time its because there are so few, so very few, left who know how to see. This is even more true on an island like Lesvos which has such rich and pure food to offer the eyes you would say that one would have to be mad or without eyes to be left unmoved by the light.”

Enjoy this beautiful landscapes, and if you are here the trip is not far away from Molivos.