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The island of Sappho.

If there are so few Croesuses left in our time its because there are so few, so very few, left who know how to see. This is even more true on an island like Lesvos which has such rich and pure food to offer the eyes you would say that one would have to be mad or without eyes to be left unmoved by the light

“Odysseas Elytis”


Lesvos is the third biggest island in Greece. As a Photographer, Food-addict and Traveller I felt in love with this island in a split of a second. After almost 15 years traveling around this Island 3-4 weeks every year I always find new and interesting places to see. I have found my perfect spot in the town Plomari at the south side of the island between the two bays; Gera and Kaloni. It’s a quiet and nice small town even if it’s the second biggest town on the island.

Here I have all I need. Small taverns, fresh food from the Aegean sea. A view that gives me inner peace if I want to see the ocean or the street where the locals passes by. 

From outside the Amoudeli.

From the pier.

Locals passing by.

And as the locals passes by I think to myself that this is my second home.