FUJINON XF 27MM. F/2,8 Clear, high fidelity descriptive performance in a compact, lightweight form make this lens a perfect partner for FUJIFILM X-Series. With a focal length of 41mm, about the same angle of view of the human eye, this lens is not only a superb snapshot choice, but also performs well in a variety of scenes from portraits and landscapes to architectural shots. High-speed, high-precision. AF is driven by a built-in high-torque DC coreless motor to capture fleeting moments in sharp focus. On my trip to Lesvos I will only use this lens.

This lens is the closest I have tried out that compares to the 45 mm. F/2,8 Nikkor I had attached on my Nikon F2 back in 1973 as a very young boy taking my first steps to learn photography. I look forward to this challenge and feel comfortable about it, and the best part is the weight of my gear: 5 kg. and that includes the tripod.

And it fits in too my pocket.



I remember my first attempt on taking a long exposure frame back in 1979. I mounted a 10 F/stop-filter on my 50 mm. Nikkor and took a shot at two minutes. When I came back from my trip I developed it down in the basement at my mother’s house.  It is easier to day as we have digital cameras, but the technique with the filters are still the same. So the next weeks I will experiment on long exposures and try to find some great objects to capture.